Ian Emnace
About Me

I am a web developer. I enjoy working with React. I work professionally with Vue, Node.js, and MongoDB, among others.

Vim is my text editor of choice. Check out my Vim dotfiles for starters, or browse my repositories to find some of the stand-alone plugins I've authored.

I use Linux as my main operating system. I enjoy working in my terminal. I prefer keyboard-driven software in general. Check out my dotfiles!

I love open-source. Most of my daily drivers are open-source software. I also author my own open-source contributions. Find them on Github!

I love physics. I love understanding the universe on a theoretical level. My undergraduate studies were in Applied Physics. I enjoy browsing the Physics Stack Exchange for brain-tickling discussion.

I enjoy discussion about software. Catch me on IRC: igemnace on libera.chat. I frequent the following channels: