What I'm Doing Now
Last Updated: 9 Apr 2022


I'm putting up some more pages up on my site, to share a few tidbits of specialist information to the Web. It's a fun endeavor.


I have a few articles in the pipeline, but what I'm most excited for is a series on how I compute: a tour of my desktop environment, which I've customized and tweaked to quite a heavy extent over the years.


I randomly came across the Now page movement, and I thought it was interesting!

Hence, this Now page.


I'm working on a set of small Web applications to demonstrate the aspects I am meticulous about in a codebase.

It's a note-taking application, in a very similar vein to TodoMVC. I'm starting with a REST API backend.

Technical Interests

We're at a critical development phase at work, so there's not much else I'm focusing on.

One interesting bit I'm doing (without giving too much detail) is reimplementing a suboptimal legacy WYSIWYG templating engine we have internally.

I was able to get massive performance boosts by designing the parser top-down (the previous "parse" loop was really more of an ad hoc solution), as well as making heavy use of reactive O(1) maps to represent state, so changes are interpolated into the template very quickly. Perhaps I'll write an article about it someday!

Mental Health

I'm in Week 8 of Shimmer's Stress and Anxiety Program, and things are going swimmingly.

I listen to The Mindset Mentor podcast as part of my daily routine.

I also recently signed up for a gym! I'm trading in my daily morning walk for 30 minutes at the treadmill.